New Shoes

Ah...time passed and it has been 3 months since my last post.
Well, I love buy shoes. I have 4 pairs of shoes in list to buy.
I bought one this evening (but it is not in my list).
My old shoes is too old as it can't serve me more.
I actually still can use it but not cozy to walk with.

So I decided to buy new one.
I passed by a shoe shop and attracted to this black flowery PVC shoes.

Had a test on it and......yeah, I bought it right away...hehe.
And I thought I should wear socks with it.
Went to Giant Supermarket and grabbed these cute socks which cost me only RM1 per pair


Then, wear the new shoes...
But it look weird with socks on...especially match with baju kurung..
He he he


anyway, I love it...