30 Days Blog Challenge: Day 23

15 facts about you.

This is the hardest question for me. I even don’t know what special about myself. Ok the facts are:

  1. Still cant use proper English even had through the three levels of education.
  2. A coffee/tea addict
  3. Orange lover
  4. Eat much; almost each hour
  5. Got 6 visible moles on her face
  6. Cant stick with one single thing//easily bored
  7. A simple person
  8. Love editing photos…..but still in learning process
  9. Willing to burn the midnight oil just for internet stuff
  10. Got 2 cute milk teeth :)
  11. Just finished her first degree on last June.
  12. An unemployed person - for this moment
  13. The first in her siblings
  14. The only daughter in family
  15. Right-handed person :p <--- no idea what else to write.