ENT 600 ®

hee..bilang hibernate for a while..tp betul lah kan. aku x cakap brp lama aku hibernate. just for a while. hahaha!!

dush, apa kaitan ubat sama tajuk entri ku tu? well, just read this


i've assigned to do a blueprint on our project for that ENT 600 subject which is technology entreprenuer. on first, i just given to do a subtopic. then suddenly the leader group askd me to accomplish another subtopic and he didnt gave me on the right time. i was so buzy with other urgent and important subject that i had practical final exam. if i fail this part then i will fail for the whole paper even though i score in the theory part. so weird right. haha. but thats the real.

so, i took time to do the task. i only started to do it last 2 days but i dont have idea what should i write unfortunately. so, the whole night which i supposely can finish the task but i did other things which are... blog walking. am i using the right word?? i felt asleep at midnight so i didnt do anything on my part. the next morning which is yesterday, i went for eye checking done by the ophthometry student. she is my friend. she claimed that she didnt have enough patients as her subject requirement for the whole semester. thus, she asked me for helps. on the same time, my group on that ENT project asked me to come and finished the work. 3 hours later, checking part done and i rushed to see my group members. you know what, i got runny nose after that.

because of my part havnt included yet in the blueprint, so they asked me to print that paper. that evening, my nose became worse. i sneezed almost every 5 second. i just estimate that. but its true. so, as a solution, i took medicine for that. guess what. i was soo sleepy after that. even i've slept for 2 hours but still i cant open my eyes. so i just sleep for the whole night.

the worse thing is, the blueprint paper should be pass on this morning. PLUS.. i also have test for the subject. and i didnt prepare anything. haha. luckily the lecturer is cool. he let us to have discussion on that. so..i took this opportunity to sneak for the answers. haha!! surely i score in this subject. sungguh besh kan...

moral of the story: dont ever, ever to take medicine or any pills cause you to sleep if you have important things for the next day. just hold it on.

P.S: bahasa begitu tunggang langgang ya..


Noor said... Best Blogger Tips


gardies gerndoot said... Best Blogger Tips

deng,aku nda baca entry mu ni..
bahasa inggeris...
terkulut2 mindaku mo kasi paham...
slow deng...
tp aku mo menyumbangkan komen jgk...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

nasib baik ler tu

^^MizBeLL^^ said... Best Blogger Tips

how about if sleep is a sleeping pills 4 me.?.
cz when i decide to take a nap..
the quick nap become a quick hibernation period..
it'll took 3-4 hours..no kidding..
this is wht i'm worrying about..
since i need less sleep & more time to study..