Me..For the Past Few Months

Salam Ramadan, all....

Today will be our 16th day of fasting. Some may benefit from this month as they able to shed some weight (he he). But actually (in my opinion) they only loss body water content. I notice that I less drinking during this fasting month and I've lost about 4 kg within 15 days. But don't be happy about losing that kg as when you think on the other side, how would your internal organs work properly if they are lacking of fluid? Despite of getting happy to lose some weight, it is better to think about our health, right?.

Ramadan is the month to elevate ourselves spiritually, not only to refrain from food and drink but also to refrain from evil actions, thoughts and words, not to mention to redirect our heart away from worldly activities. But, what can you find a typical phenomenon during Ramadan is shopping. Yeah, this is a bad practice actually. The malls full with human and streets crowded with new stalls. People from different range of age crazy on the Raya Sale. They want all new things: furnitures, clothes, shoes, etc. And yes, I bought new thing too last week. I have new oven in the house (he he).

Few weeks before Ramadan, I had bad day which cause me to think why was that happened. It might happen for repaying my sins. But the repay matter became a waste when I keep cursing for the thing happened. LOL. Well, that stupid retarded thief stole both my handsets which inside my handbag but left my purse in, and only took my 70 percent good condition laptop away without the charger and battery. Why didn't he brought the MP3 player and portable WiFi (which can be seen on the floor) away too? That confirm retarded people. Plus, he managed to answer my call (after a week the robbery happened) but he later hung up (perhaps after he realised that he's answering phone using the one he took from me). Stupid. Moron. And........there, my pahala has gone cursing him. Aiyoooo....

Last, let all of us seek for His pleasure in this Ramadan....


Didi said... Best Blogger Tips

aiyooo,sabar saja la.ada hikmahnya tu. :)

tity said... Best Blogger Tips

ya, tu lah..mana tau dapat cabutan bertuah pula lepas ni... :)